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Warehouse Jobs


Browse and apply for an array of warehouse worker jobs with WPRG. A warehouse worker is expected to handle several duties including receiving and processing all the stock and materials that come into the warehouse as well as forklift drivers, filling orders, packaging and shipping orders. Duties may also involve organising and retrieving the stock stored in the warehouse. Not everyone is cut out to be a warehouse worker but for those who are dedicated, reliable and quick thinkers, there are several opportunities particularly during the holiday seasons when wholesalers and retailers need to fill customers’ orders faster.


Some level of physical fitness as well as mental acuity is needed to be a warehouse worker. Most employers prefer candidates with a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) or equivalent. Preferred candidates should also possess good communication and organisation skills as well as the ability to work in a team. A good warehouse worker should also be physically fit and in good health in order to help with loading and unloading goods or to move goods around the warehouse. Each place has its specific requirements and the exact duties will depend on the employer and the nature of the job.


Warehouse workers are constantly in demand by manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, transport companies and government agencies. There are also privately owned warehouses that are open to the public and charge fees for storage. The warehouse industry grows along with the economy and with the rising popularity of e-commerce, more warehouses are needed, which means there are increased opportunities for warehouse workers.

Warehouse workers usually work about forty hours a week and the work may require a lot of physical activity including heavy lifting, operating heavy equipment, bending, stooping and long hours of standing.

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