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Toyah Hedges

I am a passionate person who has always been keen to do well inside and outside of work. I’m a full on shopping addict and adrenaline junky.

I live life to the full. I am the type of person that loves to help other’s in life, which is why I love my job. It’s nice to know that I am helping people in to work and to see them do well.

Favourite Tool: Definitely the phone because I love talking!

What makes me proud: Previously worked for WPRG, however I left to later return. The reason this makes me proud is because the relationship I had and still have with the company is healthy and it’s still like a big family. I believe you should always maintain strong relationships as you never know what’s around the corner.

Random Fact: I have gold medals in Gymnastics and I used to panel beat and spray classic American cars.

Contact Toyah: | 0208 529 5985

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