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A Message From The Chief Frog

A Message From The Chief Frog

William Legore: Managing Director WPRG Ltd.

I am a proud man, I have only had three jobs in my career. The first job was with a man called Mike who is a very old friend now. He took me on as a trainee into the world of import/export. At first I used to help run the warehouse and soon after I was going out knocking on doors to see who was willing to buy our product… Or who was NOT willing to buy our product most of the time. I loved that job, I think it taught me some very valuable lessons in the commercial world of business.

I then had a thirst for learning and knew I had to go and work for a big organisation for exposure. Aviation was the path I took and I started off as a passenger and cargo handler on little more than minimum wage.

After around 18 months I was promoted into a senior position where I was totally responsible for the aircraft on the ground and all activities that took place.  18 months on and a job became available for a Training Officer. I knew I could do this job, however this was a lot different because I had helped lots of people by way of guidance as a co-worker but never as a full time mentor to lots of people. I fulfilled this job for many years gaining many qualifications for both teaching and training skills, as well as various driver training certificates and some airline load master certificates. At this point I was around 9 years at this company and the opportunity became available for the Group Training and Standards Manager. This was a very difficult time as the company had just acquired two other handling companies. Whoever filled this position would be responsible for rolling out new training and the amalgamation of all training departments across three company’s at 18 UK airports.

I was promoted into this position out of the entire network and set about fixing things as fast as I could, I was so keen to take on the world and my energy levels were at a high. I was so right for this job and I knew I could make a positive impact on the entire operation. Looking back, we as a company were dealing with the highest profile customers and gained a reputation of excellence. Project completed.

I decided it was time for a complete change and I had always thought about running my own company. Recruitment was an obvious step for me as I had many hundreds of new recruits and training candidates under my belt. It almost became natural.

WPRG Ltd began trading in April 2004.  We currently employ 18 people on a permanent basis, paying anything between 350 to 500 temporary employees and contractors on a weekly basis.  We also manage a second company, WPRG Logistics, that employs in excess of 40 full time staff for a bespoke contract arrangement.

Our main areas are Operations, Payroll, Finance and Funding. We cover all areas in house and try our best to strike a perfect balance between contract funding, client’s expectations, customer services, payroll services, aged debtors and wages.

We have also run a 24 hour service from day one and have always been available to our clients and staff members.

It has been difficult at times. However we as a team have managed to grow our customer pool along with our annual turnover year on year since we opened for business in 2004.  We have a very committed and vibrant team at present. These guys and girls are prepared to work around the clock if our clients need our support in crisis or peaks periods. Their concentration when dealing with investigations, employee management and general queries is really impressive. We are proud that we do everything in house and the employees and contractors working with our customers can pick up the phone and speak to a familiar voice, at any hour, and will be listened to and taken seriously.

Our permanent staff members have been training all year to continue to stand out against our competitors and be the best at what we do, I just know that 2017 will be the best year yet for WPRG Ltd.

And remember…  there is no such thing as a bad decision only good or bad consequences.