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Lorry Driver Jobs


WPRG provides lorry driver jobs which are an important part of any economy. Whether it is driving Large Goods Vehicles (LGV) or Heavy Goods Vehicles (LGV), there is always going to be a strong demand for lorry drivers to drive large vehicles, especially for commercial purposes. These include articulated lorries, trailer wagons, tankers and transporters with the aim of moving goods from one place to another. Our lorry driver jobs usually work from warehouses, depots and distribution centres to convey goods all across the country and sometimes overseas. A certain skill level is expected as lorry drivers would need to have the ability to multi-task as various duties are needed to ensure that goods move safely from one location to another.


You have to be over 18 to get a lorry driver job. Some of our lorry driver jobs require heavy lifting so being physically fit will be required here. We do however have lorry driver jobs for certain clients where forklift trucks are available so your level of physical fitness will not be as necessary. Due to the nature of the work, Some mental alertness is required as well to coordinate delivery schedules and routes, complete all necessary paperwork and have polite and respectful communication skills. You should also be able to carry out basic maintenance of the vehicles where needed. Apart from your driver’s license, some lorry driver jobs require that you get a Driver Certificate of professional Competence (CPC) as well as pass the Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) test.


There are numerous opportunities available for lorry drivers either as fulltime or part-time drivers at WPRG. You could start as a trainee lorry driver or if you are more experienced, work your way up to becoming a freight transport planner or an LGV instructor. Working hours for fulltime lorry drivers generally exceed 42 hours, with most of it spent on the road.

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