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Kristupas Guzauskas

I’ve lived in London since 2000 and have learned to love the fast paced life-style that is inevitable for anyone within the M25.

I finished school but had no interest in university, I think this is because I couldn’t wait to start earning money, prove independence, and spend it all on petrol toys.

Favourite Tool: Has to be our bespoke management system! It is a software that requires a lot of administration from everyone in the office, it stores everything! All our clients, all our workers, all their qualifications and the work completed. I like it because it clearly presents trends in our contracts and provides quick access to any information that maybe required for almost any query that I could be challenged with – by my own Boss and anyone else who may call in.

What makes me proud: I can appreciate WPRG for the opportunities they offer to anybody who can prove determination and ambition, I started with WPRG as a temp in a transport office and could only speculate what happens in the Head Office. Before I knew it I went from a temporary worker to a permanent consultant and that has to be my greatest achievement.

Random Fact: I have a C licence but never worked a shift!

Contact Kristupas: | 0208 529 5985

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