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Charles Bugg

25 Years Old, Rugby Union and Rugby League player, poker player, golfer, qualified Physio, avid West Ham United Fan, Formula 1 viewer, Ex Ryanair Dispatcher, valar morghulis.

Favourite Tool: My Favourite tools couldn’t be more different, Sage Payroll, a complicated system to start with but the more you play around with it, the more it makes sense. Plus, there is an option you can use to reverse all the wrongs you have done in the week. Please note I don’t use this option at all. I like making people happy!!!!

What makes me proud: Transferring in excess of 150 workers from one payroll system to another in less than 2 days, with no inaccuracies.

Random Fact: I represented my county at Rugby Union, and swimming, I also played Rugby League for Nottingham Outlaws.

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