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Brandon Panayiotou

My name’s Brandon and I work for WPRG as a Recruitment Resourcer. I grew up in North London but Now live in Hertfordshire.

I’m quarter Greek, quarter Italian, quarter Mauritian and quarter Indian. I enjoy going to the gym, reading and training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Favourite Tool: The Iphone 6 Plus as it is well rounded meaning I can send emails to potential candidates, look at cv’s from applicants who have applied for positions through online job boards (these are my second favourite tool) and send out mass text messages to reach out to more people so they can come and work with us.

What makes me proud: Something that makes me proud is my gold medal I recently received at my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition (The English Open). This makes me proud because I have been doing jiu jitsu for just over 2 years now and I have lost a lot of competitions and to finally win a gold medal has made the losses worth it. I think there were some intangible lessons that I have learnt from this experience and this makes me feel proud. I feel these lessons have followed me into recruitment and help me with the challenging parts of the job.

Random Fact: I regularly get my eyebrows threaded.

Contact Brandon: | 0208 529 5985

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